Studio 49 teaches tap dancing in the styles of Fred Astaire, Honi Coles, Steve Condos, Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, Henry LeTang, Gregg Russell and Mikal’s hero David Cox. Mikal’s own style of tap is largely influenced by the above names but has a flavor all it’s own.


Acrobatics consists of tumbling, flexibility, strength, balance and dance. Proper body placement and safety are a priority in the acro classes at Studio 49. Mikal’s style of acro blends the high energy movements of gymnastics with the graceful elements of dance.


Jazz dancing blends the techniques of ballet with straight body lines and the freedom of personal style. Originally set to jazz music, jazz dancing is now one of the most popular forms of dance and can be done to almost any type of music. Mikal has her own unique style of Jazz dancing but is largely influenced by Gus Giordano, Joe Tremaine, Desiree Robbins, Keri LaGrand, Tyce Diorio, Frank Hatchett and Bob Fosse. Jazz dancing is the main type of dance taught at Studio 49 and is incorporated into all classes, even tap and acrobatics.


Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques and uses movement to interpret the lyrics of the song. Emotion plays a large roll in lyrical dance. Mikal’s style of lyrical is unique yet influenced by Doug Caldwell.

Contemporary dance is developed from modern and post modern dance and is based on the study of the human mind, body and relationships. Mikal’s contemporary dance style is influenced by Mia Michaels, and Martha Graham.

Because Ballet and jazz technique is needed for the lyrical and contemporary styles of dance, at Studio 49, they are only taught to the more advanced classes.

Hip Hop:

Mikal’s Hip Hop style is largely her own. She uses rap, Hip Hop, pop and R & B music which is age appropriate and edited for content. Mikal uses her own moves and ideas rather than the usual moves you may see. Staying true to her art form is of the utmost importance to Mikal. Her influences are Shane Sparks, J.P. San Pedro, Marty Dew and Jheric Hizon. Studio 49 starts Hip Hop classes at age 7.

Pre-School Classes:

Studio 49’s pre-school classes are one hour long, and consist of 20 minutes of tap, 20 minutes of Acrobatics and 20 minutes of ballet and jazz technique. Hip Hop is sometimes incorporated into the lessons. There are 5 teachers to a maximum of 9 students. We take kids as young as 3 years old however they must be able to follow instructions. Safety is a priority at Studio 49 so all of the classes are run very structured.

Attire for Pre-school classes: A leotard, a pair of tights, (any style and color) a pair of black tap shoes and a pair of white leather acrobatic shoes are all needed to start the class. The items can be purchased at Action Apparel on Northern Lights.

Cost for Pre-school classes: tuition of $75 is due monthly. There is a one time registration fee of $15

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